Google Reader in Facebook

March 30, 2009 Comments
This has been around for a while, but I only recently started using it. Facebook's built-in importer application can automatically add your Google Reader shared items to your mini feed. To configure this, open your Profile to display all items you have posted. Select your Profile at the top of the Facebook website On the profile page: Click "Settings" on the bottom right side of the Write Something box Choose "
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Using Google Reader to stay on top of RSS feeds

August 22, 2008 Comments
I just started using Google Reader this month to keep on top of websites that I visit frequently. Google Reader is a RSS feed aggregator - meaning, it keeps track of the latest news from many of the websites I visit in just one location. This is really handy, it means instead of checking lots of websites to see if they have any new articles, I can check Google Reader and it shows the new articles from all the websites that I'm interested in following.
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